Comments about Lisa

“Lisa has an outstanding voice. She is a remarkable singer.”
“I was very impressed by her singing and her guitar playing ability; she was “right on.”
“We should have her back again as her ability to sing was remarkable and uplifting.”

Sunday morning service
Hughesville Baptist Church

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to recommend the music of Lisa Fenstermacher. We are presently using her song entitled “It’s Time” in our Body & Soul aerobics classes throughout the country. The uplifting message of the lyrics and the quality of the music are both inspiring and enjoyable. We highly recommend her music both on compact disc as well as in concert.

With Kindest Regards,
Abby Dixson
Special Assistant to the Director
Body & Soul Ministries

I am writing to give my sincerest recommendation of Lisa Fenstermacher and her recording project, “A Promise For Tomorrow.” It was my pleasure to contribute in various ways to the project over the course of some eighteen months.

Lisa’s song lyrics speak of real life experiences, and of a real God who loves and heals from all kinds of real pain. Lisa’s vocals are delivered with passion and heart.

I encourage you to listen to each song on the album and find the ones that best fit your format.

Paul Langford
Glad keyboardist/vocalist/arranger

Comments about Lisa and the band

“Eclectic Christian Music is the first thought that comes to mind with the Lisa Fenstermacher Band. Lisa leads a musically diverse team through worship filled music that really gives praise to our heavenly Father. A touch of Santana, Creed, Bluegrass and Jazz type sounds with lyrics that glorify the Lord.”

Phil Respass,
Worship Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church

“The Lisa Fenstermacher Band gave another outstanding performance for Positively Single in Frederick, MD. They had performed at least twice before in the long history of the regional Christian singles group. Lisa has a wonderful voice as well as a gift to sing most any style of music. The band supported her magnificently with uptempo spirited tunes, to jazz swing, to beautiful melodic worship songs. Guitar and sax solos soared above their tight rhythm section. It is always a real treat to have the Lisa Fenstermacher Band minister to us.”

Ron Free,
Positively Single